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CSE 320LR Intro to Operating Systems
Computer Science & Engineering

This course is an introduction to operating system design and implementation. We study operating systems because they are examples of mature and elegant solutions to a difficult design problem: how to safely and efficiently share system resources and provide abstractions useful to applications. For the processor, memory, and disks, we discuss how the operating system allocates each resource and explore the design and implementation of related abstractions. We also establish techniques for testing and improving system performance and introduce the idea of hardware virtualization. Programming assignments provide hands-on experience with implementing core operating system components in a realistic development environment.

Credits: 4
Semester(s) Typically Offered: Spring
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Pre-Requisites: CSE 250LR: Data Structures; Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Bioinformatics-CS majors only.

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