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CSE 493LLB Intro VLSI Electronics
Computer Science & Engineering

Introduces VLSI electronics. VLSI is the integration of a large number of logic gates on a single semiconductor chip. Applications of VLSI include memory, microprocessors, and signal processing. Topics include digital system design; VLSI systems; CMOS circuits; use of CAD tools in the layout of full-custom and semi-custom integrated circuits. Project required. Emphasizes designing a working chip and understanding various steps in design. Typical projects: ALU, games, controllers.

Credits: 4
Semester(s) Typically Offered: Fall
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Pre-Requisites: CSE 241 or EE 178 or EE 278 or Permission of instructor and Approved Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Bioinformatics/CS, Electrical Engineering Majors only.

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