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Asian Studies BA

(HEGIS: 03.01 ASIAN STUDIES-GENERAL, CIP: 05.0103 Asian Studies/Civilization)

Asian Studies Program

412 Clemens Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4610

Mark Nathan

Yan Liu
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Why study Asian Studies BA at UB?

Asian economies have a preeminent presence and impact worldwide, and political and social dynamics in Asia intersect profoundly with U.S. political, social, and cultural landscapes. We live and study in an age in which major world cultures that were formerly assigned to particular geographic regions are recognized to have truly international, cross-sectional reach. Studying Asian historic civilizations and contemporary societies and economies is fascinating, meaningful and practical.

Several Asian languages are taught in the Department of Linguistics. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are each offered through the fourth-year. Undergraduate minors may be elected in these languages. UB students may also study Arabic, Hindi/Urdu, and Sanskrit.

Credits earned through study abroad in Asia, undertaking language study, non-language classes and graduate research can count toward Asian Studies major requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will have knowledge and skills to:

  • Use primary and secondary sources to develop arguments and analysis­ including sources in a language other than their native language
  • Speak, listen, read, and write proficiently in an Asian language other than their native language at the intermediate level or higher
  • Analyze how specific historical developments, cultural norms, socioeconomic and geographic contexts, etc. have shaped perceptions, practices, and products of individuals in specific Asian cultures, including Asian diaspora in the United States
  • Compare and contrast historical developments, traditions, practices, and structures of an Asian target country with those of the United States
  • Demonstrate specialized, interdisciplinary knowledge of one Asian country or region (normally the country or region of the second language studied)
  • Understand the terminology and methodologies of different disciplinary approaches to the study of Asia

The Learning Environment

The program in Asian Studies offers a variety of course types from large lecture classes to small seminars. Many of the more advanced undergraduate courses are combined with graduate offerings, allowing undergraduates to get early exposure to graduate-style coursework. Faculty also offer independent studies for students interested in areas that do not match the program's regular offerings. The program provides a capstone experience through a senior seminar, where students work with an advisor to do a research project. It also offers an internship program where students help with the program operation.

About Our Facilities

The Asian Studies Program is housed in 412 Clemens Hall, which includes dedicated meeting spaces. The program holds classes in centrally scheduled space throughout the campus, which includes traditional classrooms and lecture halls that can accommodate the program’s different class structures.

About Our Faculty

The faculty of the Asian Studies program includes over twenty internationally known and respected Asian specialists in a variety of humanities and social sciences fields, focusing on China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Asian Studies program website for additional information about UB faculty with concentrations in Asia.

Career Outlook

Students who major in Asian Studies find job opportunities in international business, government service, non-governmental organizations, and the arts. Some go on to professional schools in such fields as management, finance, medicine, education, diplomacy, and law. Others pursue graduate degrees in Asian Studies or other disciplines and enter Asia-related academic careers. Students who combine the major in Asian Studies with another field through a double major, joint major, or minor may be particularly well suited for jobs that require professional training coupled with linguistic ability and cultural understanding of Asia.

Potential Career Choices

  • International Business and Sales
  • Diplomacy
  • English Teacher Abroad
  • Government Organizations
  • International Non-Government Organizations
  • Journalist
  • Market Research
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Public Health
  • Human Resources
  • Public Service
  • Interpreter
  • Bilingual Editor
  • Bilingual Online Content Writer
  • ESL Teacher
  • Graduate Degrees in Law, Management, Economics, Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Degrees
  • Social Work
  • Teacher
  • Travel Agent
  • Study Abroad Coordinator

Academic Advising

The Asian Studies Program has a dedicated Director of Undergraduate Studies/Undergraduate Advisor in 418 Clemens. The advisor is available by appointment and during scheduled office hours to meet with AS majors and minors to plan Asian Studies courses and facilitate study abroad opportunities. The advisor’s mission is to use their Asian Studies expertise to provide advice and assistance to AS majors and minors as they plan their undergraduate major/minor program and plan for future careers.

Academic Advising Contact Information

The Director of Undergraduate Studies for Asian Studies has regularly posted office hours in 418 Clemens Hall. The most effective way to reach the DUS outside of office hours is by email.

Scholarships and Financial Support

The Asian Studies Program reserves funds specifically to support undergraduate educational experiences in study abroad and participation in scholarly activities. The Asian Studies Program offers study abroad awards to students studying abroad in Asia for the first time. We support student participation in the New York Conference on Asian Studies and the Association of Asian Studies by subsidizing conference registration fees when possible.

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

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