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Engineering Physics BS - Academic Experience

(HEGIS: 09.19 ENGINEERING PHYSICS, CIP: 14.1201 Engineering Physics)

Academic Opportunities

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students have numerous opportunities to participate in research, experiential learning programs, student clubs and organizations, and extracurricular activities that complement and enhance their educational experience.

Experiential Learning

SEAS Experiential Learning Programs (ELP) help students gain engineering experience that complements the classroom. A major focus is hands-on projects sourced from industry and the community, and self-defined projects. The ELP continuum includes 4 major elements: Tinkering, Intramurals, Internships/Co-Ops and Senior Design.

Students should participate in work experience classes and research opportunities. Independent study, internships, and co-op experiences are available. Students can obtain internships and job experiences through UB's Career Design Center. The Experiential Learning Network (ELN) is a clearing house for undergraduate research opportunities.

Undergraduate majors regularly become involved in the research activities of the faculty. This can involve independent study, part-time employment, and/or full-time employment during the summer. Other opportunities include Tutorial Classes, Undergraduate Research, Internships and Co-op Opportunities, and Independent Study.

Study Abroad

Engineering today is a global profession. Students can pursue educational opportunities in other countries while maintaining their course of study and timeline to graduation. A summer Engineering Study Abroad Program provides students with the opportunity to travel with a UB faculty member to Troyes, France. UB is also a member of the Global Exchange program for engineering students. All programs are run by UB Study Abroad Programs.

View UB Study Abroad Programs

Engineering Physics majors can spend a summer, a semester or a year studying abroad. There are several established exchange programs with the EE department including programs in France, Italy, and Sweden, with many courses taught in English. Read more about the specific EE programs.

Extracurricular Activities

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has more than thirty engineering clubs and organizations. These clubs focus on many different facets of the engineering field and allow students to gain hands-on experience. In addition to networking with professors and professionals, engineering clubs actively carry out research projects, compete in competitions throughout the nation, and participate in community events.

View School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Student Clubs

See the UB Student Association for more information.

Undergraduate Physics Club: This organization is an active group open to all students. It sponsors special speakers and workshops and organizes open houses and social activities. Students in the club also belong to the Society of Physics Students (SPS)- affiliated with the American Physical Society-and with GPA above 3.500, are eligible for election to the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society.

Honors and Awards

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students regularly receive accolades for their research activities, participation in national competitions, design projects, internships and more. They participate in the Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi honor societies, and are frequent recipients of nationally-competitive scholarships and awards.

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Published: Aug 16, 2022 15:20:33