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Entrepreneurship Minor

(HEGIS: Unknown , CIP: 52.0701 Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies)

School of Management

Office of Undergraduate Programs
204 Alfiero Center
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4010

Ananth V. Iyer

BobbyJo LaDelfa
Associate Dean

David Murray
Faculty Director, Undergraduate Program

Deidre Marriner
Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services

Associated Subjects

Why study Entrepreneurship Minor at UB?

*Not a baccalaureate degree program

Learning Outcomes

The University at Buffalo School of Management is designed to make a difference in the lives of our students, provide students with a business foundation that serves them no matter what their chosen career path is, and is guided by a culture of responsibility and mutual respect. The over-arching goal of our program is to develop business professionals who have the capability to:

• Launch and grow entrepreneurial ventures through the development of new products and the creation of business models that deliver enhanced outcomes to customers.
• Demonstrate critical thinking skills to effectively solve problems and to develop innovations that strategically navigate the complex demands of dynamic national and international business environments.
• Utilize interpersonal and leadership skills to be highly effective business leaders demonstrating self-awareness, emotional intelligence, curiosity, strategic thinking, teamwork, and inclusiveness.
• Assess a new venture’s technical feasibility, market desirability, and financial viability.
• Demonstrate ethical reasoning skills, understand social, civic, and professional responsibilities, and aspire to add value to society.

The Learning Environment

About Our Facilities

The Jacobs Management Center and the adjacent Alfiero Center offer a complete home for management students, faculty and staff. Together, they are among only a few buildings at UB that commingle classrooms and offices, creating an interactive community of professionals, students and scholars.

About Our Faculty

Nine members of our faculty are recipients of the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, which recognizes outstanding teaching ability through superb classroom performance. These scholars bring to their classes broad interests and current, far-ranging knowledge.

The faculty of the program consists of ladder faculty and clinical faculty. Both types of faculty have the highest academic degree required for their appointment. Ladder faculty members hold doctoral degrees and maintain an active research record by publishing in the top and leading academic journals in their area of expertise. Clinical faculty members hold one or several professional certificates (e.g., CPA) in addition to academic degrees required for their appointment. Academically qualified clinical faculty also publish in their area of expertise. Our faculty frequently attend conferences, workshops, and other professional meetings to update their knowledge and develop professional networks. Our faculty is actively engaged in mentoring students (e.g., serving as faculty advisor of student clubs and coaching student teams in case competition) and ensuring a high-quality learning environment.

This expertise enables them to illustrate the theoretical side of business concepts and bring them to life with practical industry examples. Our faculty's commitment to teaching, along with their contacts, availability and friendliness, makes them a powerful and highly approachable resource for our students.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the School of Management department website for additional information about our faculty.

Career Outlook

Minors should seek career advice in their majors or from the Career Design Center in 259 Capen Hall or through their major department.

Academic Advising

Information about how and when to apply for the minor is available on our website by navigating to our Minor Information page. Please email the Undergraduate Academic Programs office with any questions. 

Academic Advising Contact Information

Scholarships and Financial Support

There are no School of Management Scholarships available to students minoring in entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to check with their major departments and also explore scholarship opportunities posted on the University Admissions website.

Associated Subjects

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