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Exercise Science BS - Pre-Health Professions Concentration - Curricular Plan

(HEGIS: 08.35 PHYSICAL ED METHODOLOGY, CIP: 26.0908 Exercise Physiology)

Curricular Plan

A Curricular Plan provides a roadmap for completing this academic program and the UB Curriculum on time. Your actual plan may vary depending on point of entry to the university, course placement and/or waivers based on standardized test scores, earned alternative credit and/or college transfer credit.

All students are encouraged to use this plan in conjunction with other academic planning resources such as your academic advisor, the HUB Academic Advisement Report, My Planner and Path Finder tool.

In addition to following this course roadmap, all other admission and academic requirements of this major as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog must be met in order to successfully complete this degree.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
CHE 101LLR General Chemistry M/SLI1 4
CHE 113LBR General Chemistry Lab M/SLI1 1
MTH 121LR Surv Calculus & Appl 1 or MTH 141LR College Calculus 1 or MTH 131LR Math Analysis for Managemt M/MQR or M/MQR or M/MQR 4 or 4 or 4
Pathway P 3
PUB 101LEC Introduction to Public Health M 3
UB Seminar UBS 3
Total Credits: 18
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
CHE 102LLR General Chemistry M 4
CHE 114LBR General Chemistry Lab M 1
STA 119LEC Statistical Methods M 3
STA 119REC Statistical Methods M 1
ENG 105LEC Writing and Rhetoric CL1 4
NTR 108LEC Human Nutrition M/SLI2 3
Total Credits: 16

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
ES 207LLB Human Form and Function M 4
PHY 101LR College Physics M 4
PHY 151LAB College Physics Lab 1 M 1
PSY 101LEC Introductory Psychology M 3
Global Pathway 1 P 3
Total Credits: 15
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
PGY 300LEC Human Physiology M 4
PHY 102LR College Physics M 4
PHY 152LAB College Physics Lab 2 M 1
ES 200LEC Intro to Exercise Science M/P 3
Global Pathway 2 P 3
Elective (from approved list, Thematic Pathway 3) M/P 3
Total Credits: 18

Junior Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
ES 442LEC Career Readiness in Exercise Sciences M 1
ES 380LEC Exercise Physiology M 3
ES 342LEC Neuroscience 1 M 3
ES 344LEC Neuroanatomy 1 M 1
ES, NTR, or PUB Electives (from approved list) M 6
Total Credits: 14
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
ES 310LLR Practical Applic in Ex Science M 2
ES 381LBR Exercise Physiology Laboratory M 2
SOC 322LEC Medical Sociology M/DIV 3
Global Pathway 3 P 3
ENG 358 Writing in the Health Sciences CL2 3
UBC 399 UB Curriculum Capstone CAP 1
Total Credits: 14
Summer Semester
Course Category Credit
PAS 407LLB Gross Human Anatomy or APY 345LEC Compar Primate Anatomy AND APY 346LAB Primate Dissections M or M 6 or 5
Total Credits: 5 or 6

Senior Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
ES 410LLB EX Assess and Prescription M 3
ES 450LEC Internship I M 1
Elective (from approved list) M 3
Upper Division Electives (from approved list) M 6
Total Credits: 13
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
ES 451LAB Internship 2 M 12
Total Credits: 12
Total Credits Required for Degree:
Curricular Category Key
Category Description
M Course required for major (including pre-requisites needed for admission to major)
E Elective (course not required for major or UB Curriculum).

* Some electives may need to be completed at the upper-division (at least 300-level and above) to fulfill the upper division requirement for baccalaureate degree.
UB Curriculum
CAP UB Capstone
CL1/CL2 Communication Literacy (2 required)
DIV Diversity in the United States
MQR Math and Quantitative Reasoning
P Pathway Course (6 required: 3 Global, 3 Thematic)
SLI1/SLI2 Scientific Literacy and Inquiry (2 required)
UBS UB Seminar
Note: Some classes may count toward both a major (M) and UB Curriculum (UBC) requirement. Courses that count toward more than one requirement are indicated by a "/" (slash) in the category column, indicating which categories the course will satisfy.
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