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Film Studies BA

(HEGIS: 10.10 CINEMATOGRAPHY, CIP: 50.0601 Film/Cinema Studies)

Department of Media Study

231 Center for the Arts
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-6020

Thomas H. Feeley

Bradley Hendricks
Assistant to the Chair for Student Programs

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Why study Film Studies BA at UB?

The Film Studies (FST) program, administered by the Department of Media Study, is an interdisciplinary BA curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences. FST offers film-related courses from the Departments of Africana and American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Communications, Comparative Literature, English, Global Gender Studies, Media Study, Romance Languages and Literatures, and Sociology, taught by thirty different CAS faculty members. Throughout the FST curriculum, students approach film critically (filmmaking will be only a minor, and elective, component). They acquire historical, theoretical and intercultural tools to study films from around the world and become capable of reading the art of cinema as cultural critics. Screenings, film festivals, the Buffalo Film Seminars and FST conferences are offered to enrich students' critical film expertise in Buffalo.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will have knowledge to:

  • Comprehend, explain and interpret Film theory and use of media technology: being able to retain the theoretical/ practical information learned and to, in turn, explain it.
  • Apply, produce and demonstrate use of media technology and theory: to be able to use the knowledge gained to apply media theory and to produce media objects skillfully.
  • Deconstruct, analyze and compare media objects and theory: to breakdown media objects for analysis, and to create comparisons using media theory.
  • Critique, evaluate and appraise media objects and theory: skillfully incorporate media technology and theory into critiques and appraisals. Be able to take the knowledge one step further than simply knowing and application.

The Learning Environment

As this is an interdisciplinary major, students are introduced to a variety of learning environments commensurate with the practices of the individual departments participating in the course offerings.

About Our Facilities

Facilities vary by department.

About Our Faculty

The Film Studies faculty hold appointments in various departments across campus.

Faculty List Directory

Career Outlook

The FST program educates students to become film writers, film teachers, or prepare for a film concentration in their future graduate studies.

  • Copywriters
  • Curators in galleries and museums
  • Employees in federal and state funding agencies
  • Film reviewers/critics
  • Grant writers
  • Media specialists/consultants
  • Program coordinators
  • Programmers
  • Reporters/correspondents
  • Script/continuity writers
  • Script/screen writers
  • University/college professors

Work settings include:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Colleges/universities
  • Film studios
  • Film/video supply houses
  • Libraries
  • Media galleries
  • Media production firms
  • Motion picture companies
  • Museums/archives
  • Newspapers/publishing firms
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Public relations agencies
  • Schools

Academic Advising

The department’s preeminent advising goal is to support students in completing the program in a timely manner. All of our advisement forms are available on the Media Study website. While the advisor provides information on each of the programs, general education advising occurs through CAS advising located at 275 Park Hall.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Bradley Hendricks
Department of Media Study
231 Center for the Arts
Email Bradley Hendricks

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

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