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Media Study BA Production Concentration / Arts Management MA - Program Requirements

(HEGIS: 06.01 , CIP: 50.0601 Film/Cinema/Media Studies)

Department of Media Study

231 Center for the Arts
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-6020

Alex Reid, Ph.D.

Bradley Hendricks
Assistant to the Chair for Student Programs

Arts Management Program

240A Center for the Arts
Buffalo NY 14260

Completing the Media Study BA Production Concentration / Arts Management MA Program

Academic Requirements

Undergraduates in DMS will be required to have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, a minimum 2.5 GPA in pre-requisite courses, and a completion of a minimum of 50 credit hours. Graduates will be required to have a 3.0 overall GPA and complete the requisite application materials for review by the graduate application committee (academic essay, resume, personal statement, and two letters of recommendation).

Academic Advice

Students may apply for the BA/MA program starting in their 5th semester (typically Fall of their Junior year). If approved, the student will be allowed to take two graduate courses in their 7th semester and be granted conditional admission into the MA. At the end of the 7th semester, faculty will evaluate student progress in the two graduate courses and determine whether the student will be allowed to continue in the graduate program.

Transfer Credit Policy

SUNY Seamless Transfer is a SUNY-wide program intended to make transferring to UB and other SUNY Schools simple and efficient for SUNY students. SUNY has defined courses that SUNY students can take before transferring which will apply to the major at UB and ensure timely graduation.

Information about the Transfer Path for this major can be found on the SUNY Website.

Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor or department to discuss how their coursework will apply to their degree.

Required Courses

BA Media Study – Production Concentration

Required Courses:

  • Three basic production courses (group A)
  • Two intermediate production courses (group B)
  • One advanced production course (group C)
  • Four Basic Theory Courses (group D)
  • One advanced analysis course (group E)
  • Two electives courses at the 300/400 level (group F)
  • Six courses/18-credit hour breadth requirement (group G)


DMS 103 Basic Video or DMS 105 Basic Documentary
DMS 110 Programming for Digital Art
DMS 121 Basic Digital Arts


DMS 321 Web Development
DMS 332 Game and Animation Workshop
DMS 341 Intermediate Video Workshop
DMS 400 Film & Cinematography
DMS 419 Intermediate Digital Arts
DMS 423 Programming Graphics I
DMS 435 Screenwriting
DMS 438 Virtual Worlds I
DMS 446 Interface Design
DMS 450 Film & Development of Contemporary Art
DMS 462 Game Design
DMS 463 Interactive Fiction
DMS 485 Media Robotics


DMS 401 Advanced Cinematography
DMS 402 Advanced Editing
DMS 403 Advanced Documentary
DMS 420 Advanced Digital Arts
DMS 424 Programming Graphics II
DMS 439 Virtual Worlds II
DMS 441 Advanced Video Production
DMS 447 Sound Design
DMS 486 Computational Media

D. Basic Theory

DMS 107 Film and Media History I or DMS 108 Film History II*
DMS 211 Plasma
DMS 220 Machines, Codes, and Culture
DMS 259 Media Analysis

E. Advanced Theory

DMS 303 Video Analysis I
DMS 304 Video Analysis II
DMS 305 Film Analysis I
DMS 306 Film Analysis II
DMS 350 Information Theories
DMS 409 Nonfiction Film
DMS 411 Film Theory
DMS 412 Theory of Film Narrative
DMS 425 Visual Media Poetics
DMS 426 Sound Media Poetics
DMS 448 Games, Gender, and Culture
DMS 474 Media Theories and Approaches


**Any DMS course at the 300/400 level can be used to fulfill electives including special topics, or internships.

Students majoring in Media Study must take 18 credits (6 courses) of electives in another discipline or set of disciplines, manifesting a coherence, breadth, and depth of general advanced study. At least four of these courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. This breadth requirement is often satisfied with a minor in another department, as long as it meets the necessary credits.

MA Arts Management

Required Courses:

AAP 501: Why Manage the Arts?
AAP 508: Arts & Cultural Policy and Diplomacy
AAP 509: Research in Arts Management
AAP 511: Fieldwork in Arts Management
AAP 551: Introduction to Nonprofit Management I
AAP 552: Introduction to Nonprofit Management II
AAP 585: Legal Issues in Arts Management
AAP 560: Managing Arts Spaces
AAP 512 or AAP 513: Final Project or Thesis Guidance
12 elective credits

SHARED COURSES: DMS – Production Concentration students will build a virtual minor that includes 9 credits of graduate level Arts Management elective courses. DMS – Production Concentration students will also use 3 general elective credits on AAP 501: Why Manage the Arts? and an additional 3 general elective credits on a graduate level Arts Management elective course. These 15 credits of courses will be counted towards both awards.

Total Credit Hours Required

Total credit hours required for the Media Study Production Concentration BA/Arts Management MA
Credits Required for Major (Undergraduate)69
Credits Required for Major (Graduate) 39
Additional Credits Required UB Curriculum 30
Total Credits for Degree 144
Published: Jan 30, 2023 10:57:41