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Medical Technology BS - Curricular Plan

(HEGIS: 12.23 MEDICAL LAB TECH-BA&HIGH, CIP: 51.1005 Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist)

Department of Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences

26 Cary Hall
South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214-3005

Paul J. Kostyniak

Leah Doherty
Undergraduate Program Advisor

Richard W. Browne
Program Director

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Curricular Plan

A Curricular Plan provides a roadmap for completing this academic program and the UB Curriculum on time. Your actual plan may vary depending on point of entry to the university, course placement and/or waivers based on standardized test scores, earned alternative credit and/or college transfer credit.

All students are encouraged to use this plan in conjunction with other academic planning resources such as your academic advisor, the HUB Academic Advisement Report, My Planner and Path Finder tool.

In addition to following this course roadmap, all other admission and academic requirements of this major as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog must be met in order to successfully complete this degree.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
BIO 200LLB Evolutionary Biology M/SLI1 5
CHE 101LLR General Chemistry & CHE 113 Lab M/SLI2 5
ENG 105LEC Writing and Rhetoric CL1 4
UB Seminar UBS 3
Total Credits: 17
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
BIO 201LEC Cell Biology M 3
BIO 211LAB Cell Biology Lab M 1
CHE 102LLR General Chemistry & CHE 114 Lab M 5
Pathway and Diversity Learning (Approved Diversity in the United States course if not met through approved major, elective, or UBC course.) DIV/P 3
STA 119LEC Statistical Methods and REC or PSY 207LLB Psychological Statistics or SOC 294LR Basic Stat for Social Sci M/MQR or M/MQR or M/MQR 3 or 4 or 4
Total Credits: 15 or 16

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
CHE 203LEC Organic Chem Lec Only M 3
CHE 205LBR Organic Chemistry 1 LAB M 2
MIC 301LLB Microbiology for Allied Health M 4
Pathway P 3
Pathway P 3
MT 101SEM Introduction to Medical Techno (Recommended, but not required) E 1
Total Credits: 16
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
CHE 204LEC Organic Chem Lec Only M 3
CHE 206LBR Organic Chemistry 2 LAB M 2
PGY 300LEC Human Physiology M 4
Pathway P 3
Total Credits: 12

Junior Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
MT 302LLB Instrumental Analysis M 4
MT 401LR Clinical Biochemistry M 4
MT 402LR Clinical Immunology Lecture M 3
MT 402LAB Clinical Immunology Laboratory M 1
PHI 237LEC Medical Ethics: Values in Med or PHI 107LEC Ethics or PHI 217LEC Professional Ethics M or M or M 3 or 3 or 3
Total Credits: 15
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
MT 405LLB Clinical Immunohematology M 4
MT 407LLB Clinical Chemistry M 6
MT 409LEC Clinical Microbiology Lecture M 3
MT 409LAB Clinical Microbiology Lab M 2
Total Credits: 15

Senior Year

Fall Semester
Course Category Credit
MT 411LLB Clinical Hematology M 4
MT 416LEC Clinical Parasitology M 1
MT 417LEC Lab Education & Seminar M 1
MT 421LEC Clin Urinalysis&Body Fluid M 1
MT 422LEC Biomolec Tech & Diag Lec M 2
MT 422LAB Biomolec Tech & Diag Lab M 1
MT 426LEC Techncl Commtn for Scient Prof M/CL2 3
MT 429LLB Clinical Mycology M 1
MT 431LLB Clinical Hemostasis M 2
MT 432LEC Intro to Medical Genetics M 1
Total Credits: 17
Spring Semester
Course Category Credit
MT 408LAB Hospital Chemistry M 3
MT 410LAB Hospital Microbiology M 3
MT 412LAB Hospital Hematology M 3
MT 413LAB Clinical Elective M 3
MT 414LAB Hospital Blood Bank M 3
MT 419LLB Phlebotomy M 1
MT 423LEC Laboratory Management M 1
UBC 399 UB Capstone CAP 1
Total Credits: 18
Total Credits Required for Degree:
Curricular Category Key
Category Description
M Course required for major (including pre-requisites needed for admission to major)
E Elective (course not required for major or UB Curriculum)
UB Curriculum
CAP UB Capstone
CL1/CL2 Communication Literacy (2 required)
DIV Diversity in the United States
MQR Math and Quantitative Reasoning
P Pathway Course (6 required: 3 Global, 3 Thematic)
SLI1/SLI2 Scientific Literacy and Inquiry (2 required)
UBS UB Seminar
Note: Some classes may count toward both a major (M) and UB Curriculum (UBC) requirement. Courses that count toward more than one requirement are indicated by a "/" (slash) in the category column, indicating which categories the course will satisfy.
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