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Pharmacology and Toxicology BS - Program Requirements

(HEGIS: 04.00 BIOLOGICAL SCI UNCLASSFD, CIP: 26.1007 Pharmacology and Toxicology)

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

955 Main Street
3rd Floor, Suite 3102
Buffalo, NY 14203

Arin Bhattacharjee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

David Dietz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

Completing the Pharmacology and Toxicology BS Program

Academic Advice

The department strongly encourages all students to complete all general education requirements before they apply to the BS degree program.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer students should obtain admission to the university through the Office of Admissions before applying to the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Students must complete their university application (which includes sending official transcripts of the fall semester work) prior to January 15th. The department will evaluate prerequisite courses previously taken as possible substitutes for required courses.

Prerequisite Courses

BIO 200 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 201 Cell Biology
CHE 101 General Chemistry & CHE 113, or CHE 105 Chemistry: Principles and Applications
CHE 102 General Chemistry & CHE 114, or CHE 106 Chemistry: Principles and Applications
CHE 201 Organic Chemistry
CHE 202 Organic Chemistry
MTH 121 Survey of Calculus and Its Applications I or MTH 141 College Calculus I
MTH 122 Survey of Calculus and Its Applications II or MTH 142 College Calculus II
PHY 101/PHY 151 College Physics I/Lab* or PHY 107 General Physics I
PHY 102/PHY 152 College Physics II/Lab* or PHY 108/PHY 158 General Physics II/Lab*

*Only one Physics Lab is required for the major

Required Courses

BCH 403 Biochemical Principles
PMY 405 Essentials of Pharmacology I
PMY 406 Essentials of Pharmacology II
PMY 409 Experimental Pharmacology
PMY 455 Toxicology FundamentalsĀ 
PMY 311 Chemistry of Drug Action
PGY 451 Human Physiology I
PGY 452 Human Physiology II
STA 119 or PSY 207 Statistical Methods or Psychological Statistics
Science electives


PAS 113 Human Anatomy
APY 107 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
APY 275 Culture, Health and Illness
BIO 302 Introduction to Molecular Biology
BIO 303 General Physiology
BIO 319 Genetics
BIO 401 Advanced Biological Chemistry
BIO 461 Basic Radiation Science
BIO 468 Molecular Immunology
CHE 214 Analytical Chemistry
CHE 312 Chemistry of Biological Systems
CHE 349 Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences
CSE 101 Computers A General Introduction
MIC 301 Microbiology for Allied Health Professionals
MIC 401 Biomedical Microbiology
MIC 412 Fundamentals of Immunology
MT 402 Clinical Immunology
MT 422 Biomolecular Techniques and Diagnostics
MT 432 Introduction to Medical Genetics
MT 428 Forensic Science
NTR 108 Human Nutrition
NTR 401 Nutrition and Health
PGY 405 Cell and Membrane Physiology
PGY 412 Applied Physiology
PHI 237 Social and Ethical Values in Medicine
PMY 498 Undergraduate Research
PUB 301 Introduction to Epidemiology
STA 427 Introduction to Biostatistics

Total Credit Hours Required

Total credit hours required for the Pharmacology and Toxicology BS degree
Credits Required for Major92
Additional Credits Required for UB CurriculumĀ  32
Additional Credits Required for Electives 0
Total Credits Required for Degree 126

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for general education and remaining university requirements.

Total Credit Hours Required represents the minimum credits needed to complete this program, and may vary based on a number of circumstances. This chart should not be used for financial aid purposes.

Published: Dec 05, 2019 11:41:29