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Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor

(HEGIS: 15.09 PHILOSOPHY, CIP: 38.0101 Philosophy)

Why study Philosophy, Politics and Economics Minor at UB?

Are you interested in how the economy, political institutions, and questions of justice interact? The Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) minor is all about understanding complex social problems. PPE gives you a set of interdisciplinary tools to think rigorously about important problems. How should morality shape the market? How do political institutions shape our political and economic options? How should we deal with deep disagreements? What is justice, and what institutions do we need to achieve it? What’s a good measure of a successful city or country? 

Studying PPE prepares you for a variety of careers, including law, politics, and business, as well as further academic pursuits in philosophy or the social sciences. PPE also helps you understand the world around you, and builds up your skills as a citizen.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will have knowledge of:

  • The use of models in the social sciences
    • How models get used to explain and predict behavior
    • How to use models as a decision aid
    • The limits of models
  • How justice and fairness factor into social science and policymaking
    • How the tools of social science address normative considerations
    • How decision-makers and consumers of social science can incorporate questions of justice
  • How to weigh empirical evidence, descriptive theoretical work, and normative theory together
    • Develop tools for integrating different sources of evidence into a judgement
    • Develop an understanding of the merits and limits of different sources of evidence
  • Interdisciplinary reasoning
    • How to communicate across disciplinary boundaries
    • How to productively work in intellectually diverse groups

The Learning Environment

About Our Facilities

PPE courses are held on North Campus.

About Our Faculty

The PPE minor draws on faculty across Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, and the other social sciences at UB. Students gain the benefit of a truly interdisciplinary and highly accomplished faculty that work on core social and political challenges from a variety of perspectives.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Philosophy department website for additional information about Philosophy faculty.

Please visit the Political Science department website for additional information about Political Science faculty.

Please visit the Economics department website for additional information about Economics faculty.

Career Outlook

Students with a PPE minor have a wide variety of career opportunities. While PPE is a new program at UB, it is well established at other major universities, where PPE students regularly go into law, politics, public policy, consulting, academia, and business.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising with the philosophy department is done by the director of undergraduate studies. Students with questions or concerns regarding Academic Advisement should consult with UB’s College of Arts and Sciences advising services.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Professor Ryan Muldoon

Director, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Philosophy Department

Scholarships and Financial Support

Students in this program may qualify for scholarships and financial support from a number of sources, including:

Associated Programs

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