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Physics BA - Teaching of Science Physics Concentration - Applying to the Program

(HEGIS: 19.02 PHYSICS-GEN-NO BIOPHYSCS, CIP: 40.0801 Physics, General)

Becoming a Physics BA - Teaching of Science Physics Concentration Student

Becoming a University at Buffalo Student

Admission to UB is based on a holistic review. We consider high school average, class rank (where applicable), strength of the high school academic record and SAT or ACT scores, if applicable. UB supports SUNY’s decision to temporarily suspend SAT and ACT requirements for admissions. This temporary change of admissions eligibility requirements applies to the spring 2021, fall 2021, spring 2022, fall 2022, spring 2023, fall 2023 and spring 2024 cycles. A personal essay, recommendations, documented creative talent, demonstrated leadership, community service and special circumstances are also considered.

The following is not required for admission, but is suggested as adequate preparation for university-level coursework:

  • Four years of English (with a substantial writing component).
  • Four years of social studies.
  • Three years of college-preparatory science.
  • Three years of a second language.
  • Three years of college-preparatory mathematics.

Visit Undergraduate Admissions to learn more.

Freshman Admission to the Program

It is necessary to apply for acceptance into any of the Physics programs. The acceptance criteria for students who have completed the relevant coursework at UB are given with the summaries for each degree program. Students who receive a 4 or 5 on the Physics C Mechanics AP exam, and the Physics C Electricity and Magnetism AP exam, can get credit for PHY 107 General Physics 1 and PHY 108/PHY 158 General Physics 2/General Physics 2 Lab, respectively. The undergraduate director, Professor John Cerne, should be contacted via email. for acceptance into any of the degree programs except for the BS in engineering physics, which is administered by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Transfer Admission to the Program

Transfer students should make sure all their courses from their previous institutions are articulated (transferred) into equivalent UB courses (not just TR 999). Many courses other institutions (especially if it is a SUNY school) are already in our course articulation database and will automatically be articulated. If you do not find your course on the TAURUS website, you will need to fill out a course articulation form and submit a detailed syllabus (including textbook used and chapters covered) of the previous course to Taurus. The forms are available at the TAURUS website.

If all the prerequisite courses are successfully articulated, you are eligible to be admitted to this program.

Current UB Students Applying to the Program

Students who have completed MTH 141, MTH 142, PHY 107-PHY 108 (or PHY 117-PHY 118, preferred), and PHY 158 with an average grade of 2.000 or better, are eligible for this program. The Department of Learning and Instruction (LAI) also requires a minimum GPA of 2.500 overall for admission.

Suggested Introductory Courses

Students interested in pursuing a degree in physics should begin by taking MTH 141-MTH 142 and PHY 107-PHY 108 (or PHY 117-PHY 118, preferred) and PHY 158 or equivalent honors courses. This is particularly important for PHY 107 and PHY 108, which have PHY 117 and PHY 118 as their equivalent honors courses, and are designed to benefit physics majors and strong engineering students.

Published: Jan 25, 2023 07:59:37