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Psychology Minor - Academic Experience

(HEGIS: , CIP: 42.0101 Psychology, General)

Department of Psychology

283 Park Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4110

Peter Q. Pfordresher

Micheal L. Dent
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Christa M. Greenberg
Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies / Senior Academic Advisor

Wendy J. Quinton
Director, Psychology Honors Program

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

Experiential Learning

  • Undergraduates can contribute to ongoing research in psychology research labs. Current areas include:
    • Behavioral neuroscience (e.g., how biological factors control behavior)
    • Clinical psychology (e.g., how to diagnose, treat, and prevent psychological disorders)
    • Cognitive psychology (e.g., how we perceive, retain, recall, and use information)
    • Social psychology (e.g., how we navigate our interpersonal world)
  • Research facilities available to undergraduates are used to explore:
    • How the brain responds to surprising information
    • Eye movements that give clues to an individual’s interpretation of a sentence
    • Consumption of addictive substances like nicotine and alcohol
    • Muscle contractions involved in movement preparation
    • Cardiac responses during stressful situations
    • Movement of fingers while performing a melody on the piano
    • How non-human animals regulate their behavior and interact with each other

Study Abroad

Students are provided with opportunities to use Study Abroad coursework in psychology to satisfy major requirements, pending approval of the department. Interested students should contact the Senior Academic Advisor for Psychology.

Extracurricular Activities

  • The Undergraduate Psychology Association (UPA) is led by student officers and open to all students.
    • UPA sponsors guest speakers on psychology topics, volunteering, social activities for students and faculty, and a yearly awards and recognition ceremony.
  • Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology:
    • Psi Chi, the world’s honor society in psychology.
    • Membership is an earned lifetime honor. It is open to psychology majors and minors with a minimum GPA of 3.100 overall and 3.400 in psychology courses.
    • UB’s student-run Psi Chi chapter inducts new members twice yearly, sponsors workshops on careers in psychology and applying to graduate school, and promotes travel to regional and national psychology conferences.
  • Women in Science and Engineering
    • The goal of WiSE is to increase the recruitment, retention and success of women in science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Association of Pre-Medical Students
  • National Pre-Health Honor Society
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