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Public Health BS - Program Requirements

(HEGIS: 12.14 PUBLIC HEALTH, CIP: 51.2201 Public Health, General (MPH, DPH))

School of Public Health and Health Professions

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Office of Undergraduate Public Health Programs

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Completing the Public Health BS Program

Academic Requirements

The minimum requirements to complete the Public Health BS degree are:

  • Completion of all UB Curriculum requirements
  • Minimum UB GPA of 2.000
  • Minimum major GPA of 2.500

All Public Health students will be academically reviewed at the end of each semester after grades are posted. Academic review standards are as follows:

  • Minimum UB GPA of 2.000
  • Minimum major GPA of 2.500

Students identified after academic review each semester who do not meet these requirements will be notified via their UB Email account. The first semester that students receive a warning notification they will be mandated to make an advising appointment before registering for next semester's classes (enforced with a hold). Second semester of not meeting criteria will mandate that the student attend an SPHHP sponsored workshop on academic improvement and mandate them to meet with an academic advisor (enforced with service indicator). When a student is identified with 3 semesters of academic warning the student will be removed from the major. Academic reviews are conducted following Fall and Spring semesters only. Courses repeated during the winter and/or summer are not factored into the review.

Students who are academic dismissed from the Public Health BS major have one (1) opportunity to appeal to the program director.

Transfer Credit Policy

The major in public health follows general UB policies with respect to transfer credit. Students can review the TAURUS listing of articulated transfer courses to see if a course taken at another institution will count towards a public health program requirement. If a student has taken a course that is not listed on the TAURUS website they can contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) to discuss.

Prerequisite Courses

The Public Health BS has no prerequisite courses.

Required Courses

The undergraduate major in public health consists of 41 credit hours of coursework in public health, plus an additional 19 credit hours of coursework from other disciplines.

Public Health Coursework

  • PUB 101 Introduction to Public Health
  • PUB 102 Historical and Contemporary Public Health Problems
  • PUB 200-level
    • Select two (2) 200-level PUB courses numbered 200-279 (total of 6 credit-hours minimum)
  • PUB 310 Health and Disease: Biological, Personal and Environmental Influences
  • PUB 315 Asking and Answering Scientific Questions in Public Health
  • PUB 320 Models and Mechanisms for Understanding Public Health
  • PUB 325 Interventions to Address Public Health Problems
  • PUB 330 Public Health Systems and Practices
  • 300/400 level PUB 
    • Select three (3) 300/400-level PUB courses numbered 340-370 or 400-480 (total of 9 credit hours minimum)
  • PUB 494 Capstone: Modern Public Health Problems and Solutions

Courses from Other Disciplines

Total Credit Hours Required

Total credit hours required for the Public Health BS degree
Credits Required for Major60
Additional Credits Required for UB Curriculum40
Additional Credits Required for Electives20
Total Credits Required for Degree120

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for general education and remaining university requirements.

Total Credit Hours Required represents the minimum credits needed to complete this program, and may vary based on a number of circumstances. This chart should not be used for financial aid purposes.

Published: Nov 28, 2022 13:04:21