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Public Health Minor

(HEGIS: , CIP: 51.2201 Public Health, General (MPH, DPH))

School of Public Health and Health Professions

401 Kimball Tower
South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214-3079

Office of Undergraduate Public Health Programs

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Why study Public Health Minor at UB?

*Not a baccalaureate degree program

Public health represents a growing and dynamic field with opportunities to address the world's most pressing health problems. The discipline is a combination of both the science and art of advancing the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations through education, promotion of healthy behaviors, and research for disease and injury prevention. The program will provide undergraduate students with an advanced understanding of population-level approaches to protecting and improving health. The minor is particularly desirable to students preparing to pursue a health-related career.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the minor will be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  • Explain the focus areas, core philosophy, and goals/mission of public health as both an area of study and as an area of health practice.
  • Describe the core functions of public health and explain how those core functions are utilized to address public health problems.
  • Explain the importance of evidence-based approaches to addressing public health issues and describe epidemiological, research methodological, and statistical tools used to provide and evaluate evidence.
  • Describe the roles of public health agencies, health care systems, governments, and community organizations in addressing public health problems.
  • Analyze the determinants of public health problems from both an individual and a population-level perspective.
  • Describe both person-focused and environment-focused strategies for intervening to address public health problems.

The Learning Environment

The minor in public health consists of coursework both from Public Health (PUB) and from other departments across the university. The public health courses are delivered both in person in a classroom setting, and online. Our faculty use a variety of high quality, learner centered teaching techniques in their courses, including projects, in class and out of class activities, and field trips in addition to lecture. Classes range from large, introductory courses at the first and second year level to smaller, more specialized courses at the third and fourth year level.

About Our Facilities

The minor in public health uses classroom facilities on both North and South Campus. The 100- and 200-level courses in the minor are primarily offered on North Campus. The location for elective courses will depend on the department offering the course.

About Our Faculty

The core faculty for the undergraduate minor in public health come from multiple departments in the School of Public Health and Health Professions. Each faculty member has training in one of the core areas of public health or in a discipline that contributes to the interdisciplinary basis of public health. All of the faculty teaching core courses in the minor (PUB prefix courses) have a doctoral degree or equivalent professional degree. No PUB core courses are currently taught by teaching assistants.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Undergraduate Public Health department faculty list directory for additional information about our faculty and their research and teaching specializations.

Career Outlook

Public health training prepares individuals for a range of career options. More information on careers in public health can be found by visiting the following recommended sites:

Academic Advising

For advisement, contact the Office for Academic and Student Affairs.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA)
In-person advising at 104A-C Kimball Tower, University at Buffalo, South Campus.

Associated Programs

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