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Special Studies BS

(HEGIS: 49.00 INTERDISC UNCLASSIFIED, CIP: 30.9999 Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other)

Special Major Program

College of Arts & Sciences
Student Advisement and Services
275 Park Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4100

Darren Portis
Senior Academic Advisor

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Why study Special Studies BS at UB?

The Special Major Program was developed to provide capable students with an opportunity to create their own academic majors. Students initiate and develop their own programs under the guidance of two faculty members and an advisor and then obtain approval from the Special Major Committee.

Although the special major is individualized and often completely original, there are several concentrations or themes that have emerged over the years. Whereas these themes do not yet correspond to existing academic majors, there are nonetheless impressive curricular and faculty resources to support them.

Learning Outcomes

Because each special major is unique, the learning outcomes will differ by program design and are best thought of as the synthesis of the learning outcomes of individual courses within the major curriculum.

The Learning Environment

The special major program is not an academic department and offers no classes of its own.

About Our Facilities

The special major program offers no classes of its own and therefore has no facilities related to course offerings.

About Our Faculty

The special major program offers no classes of its own and therefore has no teaching faculty.

Faculty List Directory

The special major program does not have its own teaching faculty.

Career Outlook

Career opportunities for special major graduates are as varied as the special majors that are proposed and approved. Students are advised to seek guidance from their faculty sponsors and Career Design Center to develop strategies for a successful transition to relevant employment or graduate study in a related field. Special majors cannot be proposed in any areas where certification or licensure is required by state or professional boards of accreditation, i.e. Veterinary Technician, Physician Assistant, etc. Special majors may not suggest that the student is acquiring professional competence as a therapist. Major concentrations titled Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, etc. are prohibited.

Academic Advising

Students interested in the special major program should first consult with the special major advisor, who will describe the steps necessary to complete the application.

The ideal time to develop a special major is during the sophomore year. Students with advanced standing may be too far along in their studies to construct a deliberately-formulated program of study. Submitting proposals in the last semester of the student's matriculation or after the completion of all coursework violates the special major's essential deliberative and consultative nature and may jeopardize a student's ability to graduate. The committee is not obligated to consider proposals that are submitted in the student's final year or ex post facto.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Darren Portis
Senior Academic Advisor
College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisement and Services
275 Park Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: 716-645-6883
Fax: 716-645-2893
Email Darren Portis

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