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Education Minor

(HEGIS: , CIP: 13.9999 Education, Other)

Office of Educator Preparation

Graduate School of Education
375 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1000

Elisabeth Etopio, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Learning and Instruction and Director, Office of Educator Preparation

Julie Gorlewski, PhD
Chair, Learning and Instruction and Associate Professor, English Education

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Why study Education Minor at UB?

*Not a baccalaureate degree program.

**Because New York State education requirements may change, program requirements may be altered according to state specifications.

The education minor is open to all majors. It provides an opportunity for UB undergraduate students to explore general educational issues and careers that span different aspects of education. The minor itself does not lead directly to initial teacher certification; however, there are particular courses that allow for a head start on the coursework needed and offered through the University at Buffalo's graduate-level initial and initial/professional teacher certification programs. For more information on which courses allow for a head start in the graduate level teacher certification programs, please contact the UB Office of Educator Preparation (375 Baldy Hall, email the Office of Educator Preparation).

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Describe the role and responsibility of educators in such a way that recognizes the mutual impact of society and education.
  • Identify the complex interplay of factors that influence learning.
  • Develop initial skills needed to plan, facilitate, and assess a variety of learning experiences.
  • Evaluate personal perspectives about education and the various roles in education.

The Learning Environment

Coursework is interdisciplinary in nature and is delivered in both remotely and in-person. Class size is limited to 30 students in most courses. The varied coursework may also include field experiences at early childhood or primary/secondary school settings.

About Our Facilities

The education minor includes both remote and in-person classes. On-campus courses are offered primarily in Baldy Hall, while remote courses are delivered through UBLearns, the University’s internet-based learning application. Regardless of delivery mode, students are expected to have access to an adequately equipped computer that meets the University’s computing standards and have basic computer competency before beginning coursework.

About Our Faculty

Courses in the education minor are delivered by approximately 10 adjunct faculty, who are seasoned practitioners in their respective fields. We also have full faculty who participate in the delivery of coursework, ensuring a level of high-quality that meets students’ needs. Additional details about our faculty are available at the Graduate School of Education’s website (see Faculty List Directory).

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Graduate School of Education department website for additional information about our faculty.

Career Outlook

The education minor is flexible and allows students to select courses that best align with their interests in education. Many students who participate in this minor, go on to enroll in teacher education certification programs.

Academic Advising

Students are encouraged to work closely with the Education Minor Director to ensure that program electives will allow you to fulfill your career objectives. Not all courses in the education minor fulfill New York State requirements for teacher certification and/or are applicable to all content areas.

Academic Advising Contact Information

For advisement regarding the education minor and which courses allow for a head start in the graduate level teacher certification programs, please contact:

Office of Educator Preparation
Michele Brown
Academic Advisor
302 Baldy Hall
P: 716-645-1070
F: 716-645-2479
Email Michele Brown

Scholarships and Financial Support

As the minor does not lead to a degree, there is currently no available funding specifically for this coursework. Undergraduates who are in need of financial aid should contact the UB Financial Aid office. However, those interested in pursuing teacher education at the graduate level within the University at Buffalo may be interested in the following information regarding financial aid and scholarships.

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

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