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Theater BA / Arts Management MA - Applying to the Program

(HEGIS: 10.07 , CIP: 50.0501 Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General)

Department of Theatre and Dance

285 Alumni Arena
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14620-5030

Anne Burnidge
Chair, Department of Theatre/Dance

Lindsay Brandon Hunter, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Theatre BA

Veronica Sedota
Assistant to the Chair

Becoming a Theater BA / Arts Management MA Student

Becoming a University at Buffalo Student

Admission to UB is based on a holistic review. We consider high school average, class rank (where applicable), strength of the high school academic record and SAT or ACT scores, if applicable. UB supports SUNY’s decision to temporarily suspend SAT and ACT requirements for admissions for the 2021-22 academic year. This temporary change of admissions eligibility requirements applies to the spring 2021, fall 2021 and spring 2022 cycles. A personal essay, recommendations, documented creative talent, demonstrated leadership, community service and special circumstances are also considered.

The following is not required for admission, but is suggested as adequate preparation for university-level coursework:

  • Four years of English (with a substantial writing component).
  • Four years of social studies.
  • Three years of college-preparatory science.
  • Three years of a second language.
  • Three years of college-preparatory mathematics.

Visit our undergraduate admissions page to learn more 

Freshman Admission to the Program

Prospective Theatre BA students must apply and be accepted to the university. No audition or interview is required for admission.

All entering first-year students with an interest in the Theatre BA will be listed as "approved" majors.

Transfer Admission to the Program

Transfer students must also apply and be accepted by the university, with an overall GPA of 2.500 in order to matriculate to programs in the Department of Theatre & Dance.

Interested transfer students are encouraged to contact the Academic Manager as early as possible to discuss curriculum and progress toward degree. Please be aware that, due to the degree requirements and course sequencing for the Music Theatre program, students may require additional time to degree completion.

All entering transfer students with an interest in the Theatre BA will be listed as "approved" majors.

Current UB Students Applying to the Program

No audition or interview is required for the BA Theatre program.

Currently enrolled UB students in good standing with the university with a minimum GPA of 2.500 are eligible for matriculation to programs in the Department of Theatre & Dance department.

To matriculate into the MA portion of the degree program, students will be required to have a 3.0 overall GPA and complete the requisite application materials for review by the graduate application committee (academic essay, resume, personal statement, and two letters of recommendation).

Students may apply for the BA/MA program starting in their 5th semester (typically Fall of their Junior year). If approved, the student will be allowed to take graduate courses as early as their 6th semester and be granted conditional admission into the MA. At the end of the student’s 7th semester, faculty will evaluate student progress in graduate coursework and determine whether the student will be allowed to continue in the graduate program.

Published: Jan 30, 2023 10:58:11