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Dave Hostler


The undergraduate program in exercise science (ES) is designed to give students a strong knowledge base in physiological, anatomical, biomechanical, and nutritional aspects of human physical activity. The program is one of only a handful of exercise science programs within a School of Public Health. This is advantageous in that undergraduate exercise science students are exposed to a multidisciplinary environment where they learn about physical activity from a public health perspective. Students gain strong scientific knowledge in the physiological effects of exercise on the individual in addition to an understanding of the ecological and population approach to promote physical activity in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Students can choose tracks in general ES or pre-physical therapy. The formal lecture/laboratory sequence of courses, coupled with a one-semester internship experience, prepares graduates for entry-level positions focusing on rehabilitation, prevention of injury and disease, community health and wellness or performance enhancement. Many students find employment as a direct result of the internship experience. The ES program is also the entry point for the doctoral program in physical therapy (DPT). Students interested in the DPT program are required to complete only the 1st year of the upper-level professional sequence in the ES program; however, many students choose to complete the BS in ES degree to enhance their professional knowledge and gain practical experience. The 4-yr ES program is also excellent preparation for entry into professional courses of study in other health professions, such as medicine, public health, chiropractic, or physician's assistant. Additionally, the department offers five-year combined Bachelors/Masters programs in two areas; Exercise Science/Nutrition Science and Exercise Science/Public Health (Epidemiology).

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