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Department of Theatre & Dance

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Theatre & Dance
College of Arts and Sciences
285 Alumni Arena
North Campus Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-5030

Phone: 716.645.6897
Fax: 716.645.6992
Web Address:
Lynne Koscielniak
Sarah Bay-Cheng
Director of Theatre B.a.
Stephen McKinley Henderson
Director of Theatre Performance B.F.a.
Dyan Burlingame
Director of Design/Technology B.F.a.
Natthan Matthews
Director of Music Theatre B.F.a.
Jeanne Fornarola
Director of Dance B.a. and B.F.a.
M.A. Casarella
Assistant to the Chair, Advisor


The Department of Theatre & Dance offers BA and BFA degrees and a minor in theatre. Prospective majors or minors should meet with the undergraduate advisor as early as possible. For students with prior training, course requirements may be adjusted. If lower-level courses are waived, additional courses may be assigned. This policy applies to all majors and minors.

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