Dance : Overview

Department of Theatre & Dance

Contact Information

College of Arts and Sciences
285 Alumni Arena
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-5030

Phone: 716.645.6897
Fax: 716.645.6992
Web Address:
Lynne Koscielniak
Chair; Director, Design/Technology
Jeanne Fornarola
Tom Ralabate
Artistic Director, Zodiaque Dance Companies
M.A. Casarella
Assistant to the Chair; Undergraduate Advisor


The Department of Theatre and Dance offers BA and BFA degrees in dance. Prospective majors should audition and meet with undergraduate advisor as early as possible. All dance courses have reading and writing requirements, attendance requirements, dance concert attendance requirements, and practical examinations. An audition is required for acceptance into the program.

For transfer students, course requirements may be adjusted based on placement auditions. If lower-level courses are waived, additional courses may be assigned. This policy applies to all majors.

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