Study Abroad

Study abroad enhances the undergraduate academic experience and complements the UB curriculum by allowing students to take courses not available at UB, improve language skills, gain a new perspective in their field of study, and expand their global awareness. It can also help prepare students for graduate school and give them a competitive edge in the job market.

Semester and academic year programs are available which provide greater immersion and allow students to gain the maximum benefit from their time abroad. These programs are open to students during the sophomore, junior or senior year. Short-term programs are also available during the summer and winter intersession.

UB Study Abroad offers more than 70 programs in nearly every region of the globe for a wide range of disciplines. An additional 600+ programs are available to UB students through other SUNY campuses. Students who study abroad on a UB or SUNY program will stay registered at UB, pay regular UB tuition, and remain eligible for financial aid.

An academically integrated study abroad program offers many advantages but requires careful preparation. For UB and SUNY programs, credits transfer automatically. Study abroad courses can satisfy major, minor, and general education requirements with department approval.

Study abroad is affordable and should be viewed as an educational investment. Program costs vary but there are locations where the cost of living is comparable to a semester at UB. Semester and academic year participants on a UB or SUNY program can apply financial aid to the costs of the study abroad program. Partial scholarships are also available through UB and external sources.

Early planning is essential for study abroad. This allows students to determine the best timing and best courses for study abroad and stay on track for graduation. Students interested in semester and academic year programs should begin researching study abroad programs a year in advance to allow time to find the best fit and to talk with their departmental advisor about potential course equivalencies.

Further information on study abroad is available from Study Abroad Programs, University at Buffalo, 210 Talbert Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1604, 716-645-3912. Information is also available on the UB Study Abroad website.

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