Finish in 4

Finish in 4 is an initiative to help students complete their undergraduate degree in four years. It is UB’s commitment to provide students with the resources and guidance needed to achieve this goal and it is a student’s roadmap for success.

Students may choose to take a Pledge to:

  • follow a curricular plan
  • meet with an advisor each semester
  • register and conduct other academic business on time
  • conduct career exploration
  • check UB email daily

UB pledges to:

  • offer needed course/seat availability
  • communicate academic responsibilities and obligations to students
  • advise students on all requirements for a given major (including what courses he/she need to take and when)
  • provide electronic tools to students so that they can to review their progress

If a student who takes the Pledge fulfills all requirements of the Pledge and still cannot graduate in four years, the university will offer him/her the opportunity to register for the UB courses needed free of tuition and comprehensive fee charges.

First time entering freshmen in the fall term only are eligible to take the Pledge. The only exceptions are students entering into programs that include a dual/combined degree, graduate degree or advanced professional degree such as: Doctor of Pharmacy; combined Occupational Therapy BS/MS; or combined Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees.

More information about Finish in 4 is available at

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