Nationally Competitive Fellowship and Scholarship Advisement

There are a number of prestigious national and international scholarship and fellowship award opportunities which carry substantial undergraduate or graduate level funding. These include programs such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates Cambridge, Truman, Udall, Goldwater, and National Science Foundation among others.

The University at Buffalo has a coordinator of Nationally Competitive Fellowships and Scholarships who is responsible for the application process university-wide for major fellowship and scholarship awards. Most of these awards require a university endorsement before the applications can be forwarded to the final levels of competition.

Advance preparation for these awards is essential and may begin in the student’s freshman year. To help students prepare competitive applications, the coordinator offers individual advising assistance to all UB students in determining the appropriate fellowship or scholarship students should pursue, developing a competitive profile, selecting recommenders, preparing compelling personal statements, interviewing and developing project proposals or proposed programs of study.

Students may also view these fellowships and scholarships online at the Fellowships and Scholarships website or contact Elizabeth Colucci, coordinator of Nationally Competitive Fellowships and Scholarships, University at Buffalo, 24 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-1670, 716-645-6134.

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