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Counseling Minor

Counseling, School & Ed Psych

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Jeremy Finn

Why study Counseling Minor at UB?

*Not a baccalaureate degree program

Counseling is an essential component across disciplines in psychology, education, social work, and related health professions. The Graduate School of Education focuses on preparing its students for professional roles. The minor offers a unique focus on helping relationships that are important for various fields. The foundational body of knowledge and development of introductory skills in the field of counseling are applicable to undergraduates considering careers in counseling fields, and more broadly. Employers across many fields are finding value in the kinds of interpersonal skills, such as listening and attending, that are foundational to the counseling professions.

Learning Outcomes

It is expected that students completing the minor will be able to:

  • Identify the roles, functions, and educational requirements of various helping professions (CEP 200)
  • Describe the major theoretical models of counseling (CEP 401)
  • Understand the core ethical principles essential to counseling (CEP 401)
  • Demonstrate awareness of issues related to counseling individuals from diverse backgrounds (CEP 412)
  • Demonstrate basic micro-counseling skills essential to the helping profession (CEP 401)

The Learning Environment

The counseling minor consists of 18 credits: one prerequisite course, three required courses and two electives. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.5 for this program. The courses are offered in a variation of online and on campus. Average class sizes are 40 students. This counseling minor (18 credit hours) is designed to be a pre-professional sequence of courses that will prepare students for entry-level positions in social service agencies or prepare them for graduate studies in counseling, psychology, social work, or a related helping profession. This minor does not directly lead to licensure to practice counseling.

About Our Facilities

Classes are offered online and on campus at the University at Buffalo. The average size of the classes is 40 students per section.

About Our Faculty

CSEP faculty have been identified as one of the top 10 most productive departments in the United States by Academic Analytics.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Counseling department website for additional information about our faculty.

Career Outlook

The counseling minor is appropriate for undergraduate students who may be interested in a wide range of careers, including professional psychology - counseling psychology, clinical psychology or school psychology, as well as school counseling, rehabilitation counseling or mental health counseling, or related fields such as social work, nursing or counselor education. It is open to all majors. If you intend to apply to a graduate-level program in counseling, be sure to plan your undergraduate coursework to meet admissions requirements. Plan to meet with your advisor in the Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology regarding your applications.

Academic Advising

Consult undergraduate advisor if needed.

Academic Advising Contact Information

For advisement, please contact the department.

Scholarships and Financial Support

There are not any scholarships or financial support at this time for this program. Please contact a financial aid advisor.

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