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Environmental Studies Minor

Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs (SSC)

203 Clemens Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4670
716-645-2245 x0
Shelley Kimelberg, PhD

Why study Environmental Studies Minor at UB?

*Not a baccalaureate degree program

Designed for students with an interest in environmental issues the Environmental Studies minor provides an introduction to the field. The minor examines how human society intersects with the natural environment. Encompassing course work from biology, geography and courses on specialized topics such as energy and society, field ecology and law and the environment, the minor complements many majors in the College of Arts and Sciences and across the university.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this minor will:

  • Understand critical concepts in environmental studies: matter/energy, sustainability, ecosystem, biodiversity, natural resources
  • Understand the principles and processes of biological evolution; engage in and understand the processes and techniques of conducting environmental fieldwork
  • Understand the interaction of historical, social and political phenomena with environmental issues

The Learning Environment

The SSC/Environmental Studies minor is designed to offer choice and flexibility in building the program most suitable for individual interests and which relates to students’ majors.

Courses in the SSC/Environmental Studies minor are taught in both large lecture, small seminar and field course formats. Prerequisite and introductory courses for the minor typically enroll 40-200 students per class. Core courses and upper-level track courses enroll 35 to 100 students per class.

About Our Facilities

SSC/Environmental Studies is housed in Clemens Hall on UB’s north campus. The program holds classes in centrally scheduled space throughout the campus, which includes traditional classrooms and lecture halls that can accommodate the program’s teaching philosophies.

About Our Faculty

Students take courses from across the College of Arts and Sciences allowing them to interact with faculty from various departments such as geography, geology, biology and sociology. Instruction or grading responsibilities for some of these courses may be assigned to teaching assistants.

In addition, IDP has approximately 30 adjunct instructors who are working professionals in their fields. They provide a diverse selection of courses related to their areas of expertise.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary department website for additional information about our faculty.

Career Outlook

The minor in Environmental Studies complements majors in many areas such as engineering, management, biology, anthropology, political science and geography. Information on careers affiliated with majors may be found on the individual catalog page of each major.

Academic Advising

Admission to the minor and advisement for students are coordinated through the program’s office in 203 Clemens Hall. We provide advisement for minor requirements. A student should seek advisement for her/his major and university requirements from the major department or from the College of Arts and Sciences Advisement Office in 275 Park Hall on the north campus.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Please call our office at 716-645-2245 ext. 0 to make an appointment with the environmental studies advisor.

Scholarships and Financial Support

There are no scholarships or financial support related to this minor. Students may check with their major departments to see if any support may be available through them.

Published: August 16, 2018 10:40:42 AM