Undergraduate Degree & Course Catalog

Academic Honors

Latin Honors

Students earning baccalaureate degrees are eligible to receive Latin honors based on their UB cumulative GPA on the following scale:

Average (based on 4.0 = A)

  • 3.20 cum laude
  • 3.50 magna cum laude
  • 3.75 summa cum laude

To qualify for Latin honors, students must present a minimum of 60 credit hours of UB undergraduate coursework, at least 54 of which must be graded credits (i.e., not pass, no pass, satisfactory or unsatisfactory [grades of ‘P,’ ‘NP,’ ‘S’ or ‘U’]).

Program Honors

Each department has the prerogative of awarding the designations “with honors” and “with distinction” to students who achieve a certain level of academic excellence and creativity in the major or minor program.

The award of Program Distinction is based on the UB GPA for the program. A minimum of 50% of credits for the major or minor program must be completed at UB. Although departments may set higher GPA minimums, the University requires a minimum of 3.20 for “with distinction”; 3.50 for “with high distinction”; and 3.75 for “with highest distinction.”

The award of Program Honors is based on criteria which may vary from department to department. Students must complete an honors thesis, project, or honors program seminar. A minimum of 50% of credits for the major or minor program must be completed at UB. Enrollment in a departmental honors program may be a prerequisite. Honors level (“with honors”; “with high honors;” “with highest honors”) may be based on GPA or faculty review of performance on the honors components of the program. Students should consult with their departmental advisor regarding the awarding of departmental honors.

Published: November 19, 2018 01:53:38 PM