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Education Leadership and Policy for Equity Minor

(HEGIS: 08.01 EDUCATION-GENERAL, CIP: 13.0101 Education, General)

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

University at Buffalo
468 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-1000

Associate Professor Nathan J. Daun-Barnett
Chair, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy

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Why study Education Leadership and Policy for Equity Minor at UB?

*Not a baccalaureate degree program

This minor offers a unique focus on developing educational leadership skills in conjunction with an understanding of the sociopolitical, cultural, and economic issues that affect equity in schools, colleges, and communities in today’s globalized society. This minor provides students the opportunity to study through coursework and experiential learning topics including, but not limited to the following: race, gender, and class inequality; poverty and homelessness; immigrant and refugee education; higher educational access; school-community partnerships; and violence prevention. This minor also is open to all majors; however, given its interdisciplinary focus, it might be of particular interest to students in political science, social sciences interdisciplinary, social work, sociology, and transnational studies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize disciplinary knowledge from the field of education and the social sciences to understand educational leadership, policy, and community engagement processes in diverse cultural contexts.
  2. Define and explain the principles and tenets of social justice for educational and social change.
  3. Define and explain key leadership skills and principles and apply them to different social and educational contexts.
  4. Identify key methods and topics of interest in P-20 educational leadership and policy research and articulate a positionality or leadership statement reflective of this knowledge.
  5. Understand how issues of diversity and social inequality (race, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, language, age, ability, and religion) affect educational access, schooling, promotion, and governance.
  6. Evaluate social and educational policies and related programming, and how leaders can utilize both to enact social change.

The Learning Environment

This minor offers a dynamic learning environment for students interested in critically exploring some of the most pressing issues facing education today. Although this minor does not directly lead to licensure to work in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary settings, it is designed to be a pre-professional sequence of courses that will prepare students for entry-level positions in educational leadership, policy, non-profits, and a variety of other organizations. It also will prepare students who wish to pursue graduate studies in educational leadership, administration, or policy. This minor consists of 18 credits including four required courses and two electives. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.0 for this program. Courses are offered in a variety of formats including on-campus and online. Average class sizes are 20 students.

About Our Facilities

The Education Leadership and Policy for Equity Minor will be housed in the Graduate School of Education, which is located at the University at Buffalo’s North Campus, Baldy Hall. Classes are taught in a seminar format. Seminars include a range of delivery styles including in-person, online, and in the field. Course activities, discussions, presentations, and written assignments are designed to provide students with both individual and collaborative opportunities to develop critical sense-making about how social justice topics intersect with educational leadership practice policy. Course content draws primarily from educational research, but also utilizes relevant interdisciplinary research from the social sciences.

About Our Faculty

There are 14 faculty and four clinical faculty members in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. Faculty are highly productive and award-winning researchers, teachers, and grant-writers. Many of our faculty also bring a range of international, federal, state, and local educational practitioner expertise to their research and will provide you with exceptional personalized mentoring to build your professional and research skills. Faculty members associated with the Education Leadership and Policy for Equity minor include:

Dr. Corey Bunge Bower
Dr. Stephen Jacobson
Dr. Namsook Kim
Dr. Melinda Lemke
Dr. Jinting Wu

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Education Leadership and Policy Department website for more information on our faculty and their research and teaching specializations.

Career Outlook

Employers across many fields are looking for candidates who possess leadership skills and an understanding of policy issues facing those working to address inequality. The Education Leadership and Policy for Equity minor is appropriate for undergraduate students who may be interested in careers in educational leadership, administration, or policy at the K-12 or higher education levels or those interested in leadership and policy issues in related fields such as non-profit management, public administration, public policy, social work, and urban planning.

Academic Advising

Students are to contact the Program Advisor, Melinda Lemke, with questions about the minor.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Melinda Lemke, PhD
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Graduate School of Education
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
470 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-1000
Phone: 1-716-645-1090 / Fax: 1-716-645-2481
Email Dr. Melinda Lemke

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