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Mathematics BA/MA - Academic Experience

(HEGIS: 17.01 MATHEMATICS- GENERAL, CIP: 27.0101 Mathematics, General)

Academic Opportunities

The Department offers research opportunities for undergraduates including writing honors theses. The undergraduate Teaching Assistants program allows undergraduate students to gain college level teaching experience.

Experiential Learning

Math Tutoring
Math majors in good academic standing are encouraged to tutor freshmen/sophomore level math in the Math Place Tutoring Lab run by the Learning Center. This is particularly attractive to students preparing for careers in teaching.

Extracurricular Activities

Undergraduate Mathematics Club

This is a student-run club that plans a variety of academic and community involvement activities. For more information, call 716-645-8785.

Society of Future Actuaries

This is a student club for students who intend to pursue actuarial and related careers. For more information, call 716-645-8785.

See the UB Student Association webpage.

Honors and Awards

Harriet F. Montague Award
This award is presented to an undergraduate math major after the completion of his or her junior year, and is awarded on the basis of intellectual and creative promise in mathematics.

Harry Merrill Gehman Endowment Award
This award is presented to an undergraduate math major whose goal is to teach mathematics, and is awarded after the completion of the junior year for outstanding achievement.

Departmental Honors

The honors program in mathematics requires completion of all requirements for a BS degree in Mathematics. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in mathematics courses, and write an honors thesis under the direction of a faculty member.

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