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Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA - Health and Human Services Community Mental Health Concentration

(HEGIS: 49.03 HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCI, CIP: 45.0101 Social Sciences, General)

Why study Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA - Health and Human Services Community Mental Health Concentration at UB?

Health and Human Services (HHS) is one of six major areas in the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary major. It studies the systems delivering human services to individuals and communities in need, the problems affecting those individuals and communities, and the professions and professionals providing services.

For more information on the community mental health or social gerontology concentration areas of the SSC/Health and Human Services majors please see their individual pages.

The HHS/Community Mental Health major surveys topics in the mental health field and examines the diverse needs of mental health clients. In addition it looks at the personal and social issues which can impact a mental health population such as personality development, addiction, family structures, access to care , diversity and counseling theories.

For more information on the early childhood studies or social gerontology concentration areas of the SSC/Health and Human Services majors please see their individual pages.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this concentration students will be able to:

  • Identify a range of health and human service professions, characteristics of HHS professionals and social service organizations; understand client problems and needs and the theories that support human service interventions
  • Understand the methodology of social science research: critically evaluate social research; propose a research project that would answer a significant research question
  • Utilize foundation statistical methods to evaluate data in relation to knowledge claims
  • Recognize the effect of human values and diversity of culture on the provision of health and human services: understand key concepts such as patient/client autonomy and informed consent within the health and human services fields
  • Demonstrate understanding of various mental health areas such as mental illness, developmental disabilities, addictions, child mental and emotional health.
  • Identify community organizations, agency structure and function; client populations and problems; employment of specific helping techniques
  • Demonstrate personal characteristics, professional skills and knowledge of ethical guidelines associated with entry level human service positions
  • Develop writing, oral presentation and interview skills necessary in human service fields

The Learning Environment

The SSC/Health and Human Services/Community Mental Health major is designed to offer choice and flexibility in building the program most suitable for individual interests and career goals. There are approximately 210 students enrolled currently in the Health and Human Services/Community Mental Health major area.

Courses in the major are taught in both large lecture, and small seminar field course formats. Prerequisite and introductory courses for the major typically enroll 40-450 students per class. Intermediate and community mental health courses enroll 40 to 250 students per class.

About Our Facilities

SSC/Health and Human Services major is housed in 203 Clemens Hall on UB’s north campus. The program holds classes in centrally scheduled space throughout the campus, which includes traditional classrooms and lecture halls that can accommodate the program’s teaching philosophies.

About Our Faculty

Students take courses from across the College of Arts and Sciences allowing them to interact with faculty from various departments such as psychology, sociology, biology, anthropology and global gender studies. Instruction or grading responsibilities for some of these courses may be assigned to teaching assistants.

In addition SSC has approximately 30 adjunct instructors who are working professionals in their fields. They provide a diverse selection of courses related to their areas of expertise. There is one teaching assistant in the program who is responsible for teaching social research methods each semester.

Faculty List Directory

Please visit the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Programs department website for additional information about our faculty.

Career Outlook

Students who graduate from the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary/Health and Human Services major are prepared to work in such areas as mental health, developmental disabilities, addictions treatment, human resources, and community education in private, public and governmental agencies.

Students have reported obtaining employment with Queens District Attorney’s Office, Independent Health, American Cancer Society, Peaceprints, People, Inc., Memorial Sloan Kettering, Autistics Services, Inc., the YMCA, Transitional Services, and Kaleida Health.

The interdisciplinary structure of the major prepares students to go on to graduate study in social work, counseling, higher education administration and public health. Students who have combined the major with extra course work in the hard sciences have used the major in preparation for physician assistant, medical or dental school.

Students have gone on to advanced studies at University of San Francisco, CUNY/Hunter College, Hofstra University, Canisius College, SUNY Buffalo, and St. John Fisher College.

Academic Advising

Admission to the major and advisement for students are coordinated through the program’s office in 203 Clemens Hall. There is at least one advisor assigned to each major area. We provide advisement for students on major and university requirements. Our advisors work closely with the general advising office, financial aid and student accounts to help students find answers to questions about all aspects of being an undergraduate at UB.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Please call our office at (716) 645-2245 ext. 0 to make an appointment with an advisor in your major area of interest.

Scholarships and Financial Support

With the help of its alumni donors, SSC has established a Study Abroad Award to encourage undergraduate students who are in one of the six SSC majors to pursue an opportunity to study abroad. The award is available for study abroad in fall, spring or summer semesters.

Students in our program may qualify for scholarships and financial support from a number of other sources, including:

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

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