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NSG 410LEC Public Health Nursing for Population Health


This course explores concepts of public health and principles of population health within the context of the interdisciplinary public health system domestically and globally. Core functions of public health, principles of epidemiology, and public health nursing interventions will be used to examine population health problems and concerns. The use of evidence-based interventions and theories of behavior change will be analyzed as strategies to improve cost, access, and quality of population health. Within the public health nurse┬┐s role, the use of risk communication, informatics, and social interventions to implement public health laws, policies to effect change in population health will be explored. Public health disaster preparedness and response to natural disasters and terrorist threats will be emphasized.

Credits: 2
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Fall
Prerequisites: NSG 311, NSG 374, NSG 375.
Corequisites: NSG 470, NSG 474.
Published: Dec 06, 2019 16:43:01