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American Studies Minor - Program Requirements

(HEGIS: 03.13 AMERICAN STUDIES, CIP: 05.0102 American/United States Studies/Civilization)

Department of Africana and American Studies

1010 Clemens Hall
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-4680

Shaun Irlam

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Associated Subjects

Completing the American Studies Minor Program

Academic Requirements

Minimum GPA of 2.000 overall.

Academic Advice

We strongly encourage all students signed up for or interested in the American Studies Major to talk to the Director of Undergraduate Studies about tailoring a program to meet your needs, interests and circumstances.

Transfer Credit Policy

The Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Transnational Studies, who is a member of the department's full-time teaching faculty, is available to meet with students throughout the semester. As we cannot provide advisement through emails, please contact the department's undergraduate studies secretary to find out the director's office hours. Students interested in doing a major or minor in the American Studies program are encouraged to speak with the director to discuss their interests in the program, as well as to plan course sequencing to meet all criteria. NOTE: advisement for general education and other university requirements for the American Studies degree is provided by advisers in the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisement & Services.

Residency Requirement

Prerequisite Courses

AMS 107 Introduction to American Studies
AMS 113 American Lives and Environments (before 1900)
AMS 114 American Lives and Environments (after 1900)

Required Courses

At least six AMS or other courses among those listed for the major, including at least three at the 300-400 level.

Departmental Honors Requirements

Total Credit Hours Required

Total credit hours required for the American Studies Minor
Total Credits Required for Minor/Certificate  18 

Minors and certificates must be completed in conjunction with a major and all university degree requirements must be met.

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or minor requirements.

Total Credit Hours Required represents the minimum credits needed to complete this program, and may vary based on a number of circumstances. This chart should not be used for financial aid purposes.

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