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Anthropology BA - Program Requirements

(HEGIS: 22.02 ANTHROPOLOGY, CIP: 45.0201 Anthropology)

Department of Anthropology

380 Academic Center
Ellicott Complex
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14261-0026

Donald Pollock

Douglas J. Perrelli
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Completing the Anthropology BA Program

Academic Requirements

Minimum GPA of 2.000 overall.
Minimum grade of C- in all of the following prerequisite courses: APY 106, APY 107, APY 108.
Students matriculating at UB in Fall 2018 or later must complete at least 24 credits in courses labeled 300 or above.

Academic Advice

A minimum grade of C- must be earned in all courses taken for major credit.

Transfer Credit Policy

The criteria for acceptance into the department are the same for transfer students as they are for SUNY/Buffalo students. Evaluation of courses taken at another school for department major credit is done by the department. Certain introductory courses, especially those taken at SUNY schools, have already been approved as satisfying the department’s APY 106, APY 107, or APY 108 requirements, and will be automatically accepted into the department. Students must submit a petition for every other course they wish to transfer into the department to be used for major credit. The petition must be accompanied by the syllabus of the course actually taken (not a catalog description), and any other information that might help in evaluation of the petition. No more than 15 transfer credit hours may be applied toward the department’s major requirements. It is department policy that at least 6 of the courses used for major credit must originate in the Department of Anthropology, SUNY at Buffalo.

Required Courses

Students matriculating at UB in Fall 2018 or later must complete at least 24 credits in courses labeled 300 or above.

APY 106 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
APY 107 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
APY 108 Introduction to Archaeology
APY 401 Theory in Anthropology
APY 494 Senior Seminar

Statistics course from the following list:

  • CEP 207 Introduction to Statistics and Computing
  • GEO 211 Univariate Statistics in Geography
  • PSC 200 Empirical Political Science
  • PSC 408 Basic Statistics for Social Science
  • PSY 207 Psychological Statistics
  • SOC 294 Basic Statistics for Social Sciences
  • SSC 225 Statistics for Social Sciences
  • STA 119 Statistical Methods

Seven electives (choose from list below), including two area studies courses and two problem/theoretical courses.


1) Two area studies courses, which include (but are not limited to):

2) Two problem-oriented or theoretical courses (3 cr each), which include (but are not limited to):

*Repeatable course: Topics in Anthropology (variable topics).

Departmental Honors Requirements

Total Credit Hours Required

Total credit hours required for the Anthropology BA degree
Credits Required for Major39
Additional Credits Required for UB Curriculum40
Additional Credits Required for Electives41
Total Credits Required for Degree120

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for general education and remaining university requirements.

Total Credit Hours Required represents the minimum credits needed to complete this program, and may vary based on a number of circumstances. This chart should not be used for financial aid purposes.

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