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Chemistry Minor - Academic Experience

(HEGIS: , CIP: 40.0501 Chemistry, General)

Department of Chemistry

363 Natural Sciences Building
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-3000

David F. Watson

Troy Wood
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor

Katie Stanton
Undergraduate Secretary

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

Experiential Learning

Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research through CHE 290 or CHE 498.

External internships may be used to serve as research opportunities.

Extracurricular Activities

Honors and Awards

Most honors and awards are limited to chemistry or medicinal chemistry majors. Those that are available to minors are:

  • Sophomore Undergraduate Award: The Sophomore Undergraduate Award honors the top 1% of sophomore students in CHE 201-CHE 251 and CHE 202-CHE 252.

  • Freshman Chemistry Award: The CRC Freshman Chemistry Award honors the top 1% of freshman students for academic excellence in CHE 101-CHE 102, based on cumulative rank.
Published: Nov 02, 2020 09:49:05