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Statistics BA - Program Requirements

(HEGIS: 17.02 STATISTICS, CIP: 27.0501 Statistics, General)

Department of Biostatistics

706 Kimball Tower
South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214-3079

Gregory Wilding

Dietrich Kuhlmann
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associated Programs

Associated Subjects

Completing the Statistics BA Program

Transfer Credit Policy

Please see the TAURUS website for course articulation information.

Prerequisite Courses

There are no prerequisite courses required to be accepted into the statistics major. Students are accepted into the program upon application.

The department does require a GPA of 2.500 or higher in the following lower division courses to keep the status of statistics major:
MTH 141, MTH 142 and STA 119

Students not attaining the 2.500 average will need to retake courses to improve their average or they will be removed from the program.

Required Courses

There are 5 required courses from the Biostatistics Department:
STA 119 Statistical Methods
STA 301 Introduction to Probability
STA 302 Introduction to Statistical Inference
STA 403 Regression Analysis
STA 404 Analysis of Variance

Six courses from other departments (or their equivalents) are required. Students intending to pursue graduate work in statistics are strongly encouraged to take additional mathematics courses

PUB 101 Introduction to Public Health
MTH 141 College Calculus 1
MTH 142 College Calculus 2
MTH 241 College Calculus 3
MTH 309 Introductory Linear Algebra
CSE 115 Introduction to Computer Programming I

Students are required to take 3 of the following restricted electives:

  • STA 306 Introduction to Statistical Computing with SAS I
  • STA 309 Statistical Quality Control
  • STA 411 Stochastic Processes
  • STA 415 Distribution Free Inference
  • STA 431 Methods of Survey Samples
  • STA 461 Applied Time Series Analysis
  • STA 471 Topics in Statistics

MTH 311 can be substituted for one of the statistics restricted electives

Total Credit Hours Required

Total credit hours required for the Statistics BA degree
Credits Required for Major51
Additional Credits Required for UB Curriculum33
Additional Credits Required for Electives36
Total Credits Required for Degree120

Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine how any transfer or exam credit might be utilized in meeting general education, prerequisite, or major requirements.

See Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for general education and remaining university requirements.

Total Credit Hours Required represents the minimum credits needed to complete this program, and may vary based on a number of circumstances. This chart should not be used for financial aid purposes.

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