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Religious Studies (RSP)


338 MFAC
North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14261

Roger D. Woodard
Program Director

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RSP Courses

  • The Learning Environment

    The Learning Environment

    *Not a baccalaureate degree program

    Instruction in the Religious Studies Program is delivered through lecture courses and seminars taught in departments from across the College of Arts and Sciences. Class sizes range from approximately 200+ for UB Curriculum courses such as Myth and Religion in the Ancient World to an intimate setting in seminars treating topics such as the Gospel and Apocalypse of John, Hebrew Prophets, and Islamic Cultural History. Owing to the individualized nature of the major, independent study opportunities are plentiful and interaction with faculty is robust.

    This area of study is available as a special major through the College of Arts and Sciences and must be approved by the Special Majors Committee.

    The goal of the program is to provide the student with the intellectual tools necessary for the academic investigation of religion and religious texts, and allow the student a degree of specialized study in a specialized area of religion or religious history.

    About Our Facilities

    Courses within the Religious Studies Program are taught in a variety of classroom settings that span UB’s North Campus. Almost all classrooms are equipped with up-to-date instructional technologies that provide students with an enhanced learning environment.

    About Our Faculty

    As Religious Studies is a cross-disciplinary program at UB, the faculty involved in working with majors is housed in many different departments of the College of Arts and Sciences. These departments include American Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Asian Studies, Classics, English, Geography, History, Jewish Studies, and Philosophy. The areas in which the faculty specializes constitute a diverse and rich array of religious inquiry, addressing traditions such as these: Buddhism, Confucianism, comparative Indo-European religion and myth, early Christianity, Greek and Roman religion and myth, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, religious traditions of Native American peoples, and shamanism. Most faculty teaching courses relevant to the special major in Religious Studies hold a professorial rank; approximately two or three adjunct faculty and as many teaching assistants also provide instruction in RSP courses.

    Faculty List Directory

    Please visit the Classics faculty website for additional information about our faculty.

  • RSP 213LEC World Religions
    View Schedule RSP 213LEC World Religions Lecture

    This course introduces the world's religious systems and their cultural bases, including Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam. In this course we will examine the expression of some primary characteristics of religion in primary sources from a variety of religious traditions. We will focus specifically on the ways in which ideas about the sacred are formed and how they are used to order experience, with a focus on space, time, and story. All of these, in turn, are part of imagining deity. We will then look at how these ordering concepts are used to formulate guidelines for daily life, as expressed in scripture, ritual, cosmogony, conceptions of the deity, and ethics.

    Credits: 3
    Grading: Graded (GRD)
    Typically Offered: Spring
  • RSP 216LEC World Religions
    View Schedule RSP 216LEC World Religions Lecture

    Credits: 3
    Grading: Graded (GRD)
    Typically Offered: Varies
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