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Writing Placement

Refer to the chart below to determine proper placement in Communication Literacy courses.

UB Curriculum: Communication Literacy Placement Chart
 Student has met: Student will need:
 CL1/ENG 105CL2 ENG 100CL1/ENG 105CL2
New Students & Transfers:      
No writing; test scores lower than thresholds below    XX
AP ENGC* 4 OR 5X    X
Old SAT READ ≥ 610 OR NEW SAT ERWS Score ≥ 630 OR ACT ENGL ≥ 27X    X
TOEFL/IELTS** scores   (X)**XX
Domestic, non-native speaker: SAT < 400, ACT < 16***   (X)***XX
SUNY Basic Communication GETAX    X
Has direct course articulation to ENG 105X    X
Reenter under UBC:      
No writing    XX
Has ENG 101X    X
Has ENG 101 (ESL 407) and ENG 201 (ESL 408)XX    

*Students receive credit for ENG 105 with an AP English Language & Composition score of 4 or 5. AP Lit & Comp (ELC) does not affect the CL requirement, nor do IB or CLEP exams.

**Please consult TOEFL/IELTS document. Some students may need to take ENG 100 (and even ESL 411) before ENG 105. Those with very high TOEFL/IELTS scores may place out of ENG 105.

***Second language students with low SAT READ/ACT ENGL scores (but no TOEFL/IELTS) should consider taking an ESL-specific ENG 105 section. In some instances, ENG 100 may be recommended before moving on to ENG 105—consult Tim Cauller.

Communication Literacy Repeat Policy

  • If a student has completed ENG 101, the repeat rule will apply if they enroll in ENG 105 as the second taking.
  • Any ENG CL2 course will replace grade and credit previously earned for ENG 201 by petition only.
  • If a student wishes to repeat a CL2 course, the repeat rules will only apply if they enroll in the same CL2 course (identical department and course number).
  • Students changing majors may have to complete a second CL2 course if they are seeking a major for which a specific CL2 is a requirement.
Published: Dec 22, 2020 12:10:50