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Chemistry Placement

To ensure success in the first semester of General Chemistry (either CHE 101 or CHE 107), students should use the following information to assess if concurrent enrollment in CHE 110: Problem Solving for General Chemistry, is recommended. 

Generally, CHE 110 is a one-credit discussion-based course and is recommended for students who did not take high school chemistry, performed poorly in chemistry in high school or are concerned about readiness for science courses at UB. Course topics include chemical measurements, properties of atoms and molecules, chemical reactions, stoichiometry and the mole, chemical calculations, properties of gases, and other types of problem-solving in general chemistry.

CHE 110 Placement Guidelines:

Use the following tools and guidelines to determine if enrollment in CHE 110 is recommended

  • SAT/ACT Math Score Threshold
    • 550/23 (450/23 pre-March 2016) or less, CHE 110 is strongly recommended.
    • A score between 560/23 (450/23 pre-March 2016) and 610/26 (550/26 pre-March 2016) and
      • did not complete high school chemistry or earn a grade of “B” or below or lacks confidence in his/her ability in Chemistry, CHE 110 is recommended.
      • completed high school chemistry with a grade of "B" or better, CHE 110 is not necessary.
    • A score above 620/26 (550/26 pre-March 2016), students may enroll in CHE 101, 105 or 107 depending on their major.
    • Regardless of SAT/ACT score, nursing majors should enroll in CHE 121.
  • For students who took AP Chemistry in high school, CHE 110 is not recommended unless it has been more than three (3) years since taking AP Chemistry.
  • If it has been more than three (3) years since taking high school chemistry of any kind, CHE 110 is recommended.

Understanding the Introductory Chemistry Course Options:

  • CHE 101‐102 (lecture); CHE 113-114 (laboratory): General Chemistry 1 and 2. This sequence is generally for non-Engineering majors that require chemistry.
  • CHE 105-106: Honors General Chemistry 1 and 2. This sequence is appropriate for students who wish to major in chemistry or medicinal chemistry.
  • CHE 107‐108 (lecture); CHE 127-128 (laboratory): General Chemistry 1 and 2 for Engineers. This sequence is appropriate for students pursing an Engineering major.
  • CHE 121 (lecture only). This course is for nursing students only. This course is not equivalent to CHE 101 and may not serve as a pre-requisite for CHE 102.

Understanding CHE 110: Problem Solving for General Chemistry

  • CHE 110 will not count towards:
    • The UB Curriculum Scientific Literacy & Inquiry requirement or the Natural Sciences General Education requirement.
    • Any major requirements.
  • CHE 110 has two sections:
    • CHE 110A is available to all majors outside of engineering and has the co-requisite of CHE 101.
    • CHE 110B is for intended or approved engineering majors and has the co-requisite of CHE 107.
  • While the content of both CHE 110 sections are similar, there are some deviations in the order of coverage; CHE 101 uses more medical/biological examples, while CHE 107 uses more engineering type examples.

If there are questions regarding chemistry placement, contact the Chemistry Department at 645‐6626,

    Published: Nov 23, 2021 13:22:42