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Physics Placement

Students with sufficient physics and math preparation should choose introductory physics classes based on their major:

Physics Readiness Guidelines:

  • Introduction to Physics (PHY 100) is recommended for students with insufficient physics or math preparation to help prepare for PHY 101/102 or PHY 107-108. The course is typically offered in summer or winter sessions and does not count toward the UB Curriculum Scientific Literacy & Inquiry requirement.
  • Placement into PHY 100 is appropriate for:
    • High school graduates who are reentering college after a long absence.
    • Transfer students who are concerned about their readiness for science courses at UB.
    • Students who have had no high school physics or who have a weak background in math or physics.
  • PHY 101 is an algebra-based introductory course designed for students who have completed a high school physics course and are prepared to enroll in a math class at the pre-calculus level (ULC 148 or MTH 115) or higher.
  • PHY 107 is a calculus-based introductory course that requires completion of MTH 141 (College Calculus I) or concurrent registration in the course.
Published: Nov 23, 2021 13:22:42