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CSE 460LR Data Models and Query Languages


The course focuses on the issues of data models and query languages that are relevant for building present-day database applications, covering both well-established and cutting-edge frameworks. It adopts the user's point of view, discussing primarily conceptual and foundational topics. Specific topics include: Entity-Relationship and relational database design, integrity constraints, graph and semi-structured data models, relational, graph and semi-structured query languages, DATALOG, recursion, path expressions, selected current topics. Several projects are given. The projects involve using current database technologies for building applications. This course is dual-listed with CSE 560.

Credits: 4
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Fall
Other Requisites: Pre-reqs: CSE 191 and CSE 250; CSE or Bioinformatics Majors Only.

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Published: Mar 25, 2019 15:45:57