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EE 324LLB Applied Electromagnetics


This course is intended to develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of electromagnetic fields, with an emphasis on experience for the students in the lab. Topics covered include: electrostatics; magnetostatics; Maxwell's equations; electromagnetic waves in vacuum; plane waves; monochromatic waves; wave polarization; electromagnetic waves at the interface between two media; geometrical optics; guided waves and transmission lines; radiation and antennas; electromagnetic waves in anisotropic, gyrotropic and optically active media.

Credits: 4
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Fall
Requisites: Pre-Requisite: EE 202, (MTH 241 or MTH 251), and PHY 207; Approved Electrical Engineering Majors or Minors Only.
Published: Sep 13, 2021 15:02:55