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ELP 200SEM Foundations of Education Policy and Leadership for Social Justice


Complex twenty-first century issues facing students, parents, local communities, and school personnel underscore the importance of knowledge about educational equity and justice. Thoughtfully developed leadership and policy skills are integral to this knowledge base. This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to what leading educational scholars who work across the leadership-policy spectrum have to say about ethical and socially just-oriented educational practice. Students will work individually and collaboratively to research how diversity issues intersect with leadership practice and respective policy. They also will explore the ways their positionality and views of leadership matter to fostering positive work climates, and in this case, school milieus. Course activities, discussions, presentations, and written assignments are designed to provide students with opportunities to develop critical, meaningful, and relevant sense-making about leadership for social justice in a way that also empowers them to consider how they can become advocates on specific issues. Course readings will draw primarily from educational research, but also will direct students to relevant interdisciplinary resources from the social sciences.

Credits: 3
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Fall
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Published: Jul 08, 2022 10:27:05