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ENG 391SEM Creative Writing Fiction Workshop


This writing workshop asks students to submit original writing for peer review, submit weekly critical responses, and read advanced representations of the genre. The goal is to help students develop their style, hone their technique, and produce original fiction, and to consider important questions: What is the relationship of truth to fiction? How is reality created on the page? In what ways do fictional phenomena become credible in the stories in which they exist? How is the implausible made possible through fictional language? Under what conditions does a fiction support, resist, or transform the notion of story by which it is often circumscribed? Students will explore the relation of fictional worlds to the words that create them through assigned exercises, workshop submissions, and discussions of selected readings.

Credits: 3
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Varies
Visit the Office of the Registrar’s Class Schedules page for more detailed and updated information.
Published: Apr 12, 2022 15:53:11