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ES 310LEC Practical Applications in Exercise Science


This course will provide an introduction to the practical aspects of exercise assessment and programming. The course covers American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for assessing and designing safe and effective exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and those with medically controlled diseases. The course discusses pre-participation health screening, graded exercise testing, and assessments of muscular fitness, flexibility, and body composition. The course provides an overview of ACSM guidelines for designing exercise programs to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility, and body composition. The course discusses behavioral modification and exercise counseling strategies to assist individuals with lifestyle changes. Successful completion of this course prepares students for the ACSM Exercise Physiologist certification exam.

Credits: 2
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Spring
Requisites: Pre-Requisite: ES 207 and ES 380.
Published: Sep 13, 2021 15:02:55