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GGS 414SEM Globalization and Gender


This course explores the complex relationships between globalization, well-being, and gender from a national and global, comparative perspective. It interrogates analytical and conceptual frameworks, definitions, and measurements of globalization enriched by theoretical investigations of a neoliberal world system and dependency theory to view how the complex relationships between these theories explain women's socio-economic and political position in developing and developed countries. The class is centered on analyses of relevant readings that form a base for a class discussion about globalization and women's experiences in globalized societies. In particular, it focuses on policies and practices that shape people's opportunities and life experiences and illustrate constraints and advancements that affect women's positions worldwide. Drawing from multiple theoretical and conceptual frameworks, this course focuses on interdisciplinary social sciences, global development, and gender.This course is the same as EVS 414 and course repeat rules will apply. Students should consult with their major department regarding any restrictions on their degree requirements.This class is dual listed with GGS 514.

Credits: 3
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Spring
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Published: Jan 30, 2023 11:04:21