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  • GLY 538LAB Adv Stratigraphy

    Credits: 1
    Grading: Graded (GRD)
    Typically Offered: Varies
  • GLY 538LEC Advanced Stratigraphy

    Stratigraphy emphasizes the analysis of sedimentary strata, the layers of sedimentary (and some volcanic) rocks that cover about 3/4 of the earth's surface. Stratigraphy is the backbone of the geological sciences; it brings together sedimentology, paleontology, petrology and structural geology to reconstruct Earth history. Sequence Stratigraphy goes even further by integrating additional disciples such as geophysics, geomorphology, isotope geochem, and basin analysis through application of integrated data. In this course we will survey the impact of sea-level change, tectonics, and climate on sediment accumulation, with emphasis on sequence stratigraphy and integration of seismic data/techniques and core analysis. This course will cover basics of fluid flow and sediment transport, sedimentary structures and textures, and forming the bridge between modern landforms and ancient rocks' depositional sedimentary environments. This course is dual-listed with GLY 438.

    Credits: 1 - 3
    Grading: Graded (GRD)
    Typically Offered: Varies
Published: Sep 13, 2021 15:02:55