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  • LAI 562LEC English Language Learners & Emergent Bilinguals in EC/C: Theory & Practice

    This course is designed for mainstream childhood and early childhood educators preparing to serve English language learners (ELL) - emergent bilinguals (EB). It will focus on the foundations of first and second language acquisition and content learning and the development of bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism among ELLs-EBs. The course will examine linguistic, academic, cognitive, and socio cultural domains that impact this development and the identity formation and academic achievement of emergent bilinguals (EB). Participants will gain and understanding of the unique needs of ELLs/EBs and become familiar with research-based content and language-integrated practices that address such needs.

    Credits: 3
    Grading: Graded (GRD)
    Typically Offered: Varies
  • LAI 562SEM Theory and Research Elementary School Language Arts

    Research in elementary school language arts curricula and teaching; research design and reporting related to students' research interests; may be repeated for credit.

    Credits: 3
    Grading: Graded (GRD)
    Typically Offered: Varies
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Published: Apr 12, 2022 15:53:11