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LAW 529SEM Mindful & Pro Identity


Who will you be as a lawyer? A hard-charging, zealous advocate? A gentle, wise counselor? What images of lawyering did you bring with you to law school, and how has your law school experience changed those images? How should you connect your personal ethics and sense of humanity with your professional role, or should they connect at all? To facilitate exploration of these questions, we will use an innovative method of mindful reflection. Each week, in addition to discussing readings assigned for class, we will spend time learning about and practicing mindfulness techniques that are designed to sharpen your powers of attention and observation, as well as to promote relaxation, reflection, and engagement with your deepest sense of self. Although some of these techniques originated in various religious traditions, the seminar does not promote a religious perspective. Rather, the goal is to help you develop a toolkit of practices that you will be able to use as a student and as a practicing lawyer to reduce stress, to manage the emotional ups and downs that lawyers constantly face, to find the kind of professional work that fits your goals and values, and to stay human, connected to your sense of humor and your deepest ethical and professional ideals. Armed with these tools, we will explore a number of substantive questions reflecting three themes: professional identity, lawyering skills, and rethinking legal institutions. With respect to professional identity, we will discuss questions like the following: What makes a good lawyer? What are the limits of zealous advocacy? When lawyering for a cause, is it sometimes appropriate to put your own values before the client's? What ethical and human challenges are presented by different types, and styles, of lawyering? What characteristic personality styles do many lawyers possess? What kind of lawyer do you want to be, and what kind of lawyering work will make you happy? With respect to the second theme, lawyering skills, we will discuss these and other questions: How do you make clients feel listened to, and heard? How do you handle a situation in which your client has a very different cultural, social or religious background from your own? How do you handle feelings of attraction, repulsion, rage, frustration, and sympathy that may arise when you deal with certain clients, or certain co-workers? How do you deal with hostile or controlling opposing counsel? How do you avoid "burnout"? Finally, with respect to the third theme, rethinking legal institutions, we will hear from guest speakers and read materials concerning a range of innovative lawyering practices and institutions that go beyond courtroom work and the adversarial system, including: negotiation and mediation; "holistic" law practice; therapeutic justice; and restorative justice. This course fulfills the seminar requirement.

Credits: 3
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Varies
Published: Apr 03, 2020 14:39:59