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MUS 366LEC Music in Society: Arts One


ARTS ONE is an experiential course offered as part of the University's Creative Arts Initiative, a new program designed to bring creators and performers in the arts to campus to present their work and engage in conversations with students, faculty, and members of the community. Class size is limited to 16. Every week students will be exposed to what is going on in the arts in Buffalo: exhibits at the galleries, musical performances in various venues, literary events. Most weeks, someone connected with an event, a curator at one of the galleries or a writer or musical performer or composer, will meet with the class and have a conversation and answer questions. There will be no exam, but students will be expected to maintain a detailed notebook/diary about the various events. The goal is for participants to engage a wide variety of artistic events and have conversations with some of the people who make them happen. Tickets will be provided and so will transportation, as necessary.

Credits: 3
Grading: Graded (GRD)
Typically Offered: Spring
Published: Jul 15, 2021 08:29:13