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PHM 681TUT Intro Pharm Pract Exp 2a


This course (IPPE-2a & b) is the second of three levels of progressive IPPE activities where students are to complete a minimum of 90 hours of experiential education throughout their second professional (P2) year. PHM 681 represents the fall semester requirement of the P2 year. Students will be asked to perform and complete tasks including but not limited to, patient and interprofessional interactions, dispensing techniques, formulating pharmaceutical preparations, patient counseling, simulation activities, drug delivery devices, medication therapy management, service learning, medication error prevention and reporting, pharmacoinformatics, and wellness clinics. The theme of this particular course will be ¿firsttime pharmacy practice¿, meaning P2 students are now licensed pharmacy interns in NYS and can perform actual pharmacy practice activities under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist preceptor. They will complete approximately 50 hours during the fall semester and 50 hours during the spring semester (minus any hours they were able to complete previously during the summer). All students will also participate in group reflection sessions, various professional training and related assignments, case studies, as well as the continuation of documenting and reflecting on all experiences via their IPPE journal. These experiences and related activities will continue to be integrated with the doctor of pharmacy curriculum to further enhance their clinical skills and contribute to their overall development as a pharmacy healthcare professional.

Credits: 1
Grading: Pass/Not Pass (PNP)
Typically Offered: Varies
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Published: Aug 15, 2022 10:44:52